What are my payment options?

If you are a residential customer, payment is due within seven days of the date of your invoice. If you are a business customer, payment is due by the 20th of the following month. You can pay by:

  • Payment online
    Make a direct payment online to our bank account:

    Inspire Net Limited, ASB Bank

    Please make sure you put your username as a reference in the particulars, otherwise we won’t know it’s your payment.

    We also accept credit card and debit card payments, either paid online, calling us over the phone or dropping in to our office.
  • Direct Debit
    You can pay by direct debit.  Download the direct debit form here, complete and post it to us at PO Box 4387, Palmerston North.  We will then send it to the bank after we have added your details into our system.
  • Cash
    Our office is open from 8:30am until 5:30pm weekdays.  You are very welcome to pop in and talk with our Customer Services representative who will help you with your account payment.

I pay by credit card, but need tax invoices as well.

When your account is set up we automatically email you your invoice unless you have requested another option. If you need to check that we have your account details up to date, including the correct email address for you, give us a call on 0800 484363.

We are happy to email copies of any tax invoices you may need.  Just let our Billing department know at

Where do I post my payment to?

You can post your payment to:

Inspire Net Ltd
PO Box 4387
Palmerston North, 4442

Direct debit form

A direct debit is an arrangement between you as our customer, and Inspire Net and the amount that is taken out of your account varies according to your monthly invoice.

You can download a Direct Debit form and conditions of authority here.    Fill in your details and post it back to us at Inspire Net, PO Box 4387, Palmerston North.  We then send it to the bank once we have completed our set up process.

How do I keep track on how much time or how much data I have used?

To look at all your account details, click Login to your account at the top right of any page on the Inspire Net website. Enter your username and password, and click Login. On the resulting page, click Traffic History.

Why do I have a naked DSL fee on my invoice?

You can have a Clothed DSL connection if you have a standard physical phone line already to your premises (the cost to maintaining your phone line is incorporated into your monthly landline phone connection with your provider).

If you don't have a landline but still wish to use Inspire DSL, you would choose Naked DSL where the cost of the line is incorporated into your Inspire DSL connection. This is an additional $35.00 per month.

How do I view my Voice call history and check invoices?

You can log into your account through our website. Use your username and password (or any of your usernames or passwords) and view your call history, as well as see your invoices for your phone account.

My internet usage is more or less than I expected. How do I change to a larger or smaller plan?

If you would like to discuss what plan you are on, or what you could change to, please call us on 0800 484 363.

I’ve used up more hours than the allowance on my Inspire Net Dial-Up plan. How do I pay for the extra hours?

If you are on our 20 hour dial up plan and use more than your 20 hours, you will be charged $1.20 per hour, we will send you an invoice for these when your account falls due. This invoice can be paid with a cheque, credit card, in cash at our office, or through direct credit. If you have a Direct Debit in place with us, the amount will automatically be paid from your account.

I’m off on a long holiday and won’t be using my account. Could it be put on hold?

Yes, if you have a Dial Up or MetroLAN account we can “park” your account for up to 12 weeks. This takes effect from the end of the current billing cycle. We will store all your incoming emails, and nobody will be able to sign up with the same account name. Unfortunately we are unable to park a Inspire DSL account.

Remember to ring us on 0800 484 363 when you are back, to restart your account.

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