Scam Alert

Some signs that the email or phone call might be a scam…

  • Badly worded or formatted
  • Spelling mistakes and spaces or strange characters used
  • Fake ‘from’ email address. Inspire Net always uses
  • Fake website address it references

Confirming and reporting a scam

If you believe you have received a suspicious email…

Consider contacting the following groups for help:

  • Do not reply to the email or click on any links in the email as they may take you to a fake website.
  • If you believe you have submitted any personal or credit card data, please contact your bank immediately.
  • If there is any reference to your password, change immediately.

Latest scams

There are always new scams, so we won’t have all listed below. However here are some we’re currently aware of.

  • Caught.. make payment to stop us sharing your naughty web cam footage
  • Incorrect billing details. Internet service will be suspended unless payment is made within 24 hours.
  • IRD. Eligible to receive a refund. Have your credit card ready.
  • Phone call. Internet will be cut off in 24 hours due to suspicious activity. Press 1 to speak to technician.(Might ask you to install software that allows them to take control of your computer)

Network Status Check our current network status and information about planned maintenance